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Updated content, and a request for prayers.

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19-Feb-2006 09:34

The Universalis database has now been updated and it contains far more Second Readings. They are complete from now until Monday 8 May and I hope that I'll be able to fill in the missing readings fast enough so that by the time we get to May most of the rest of the year's readings will have been done.
If you are using Universalis on the web then you don't have to do anything: you will see the updated content automatically.
If you are using one of the downloadable versions, for Palm, Pocket PC, or Windows, then you should go to http://www.universalis.com/download.htm and download the software that is appropriate for your computer. Your existing registration code will continue to work and you shouldn't even need to re-enter it.
If you haven't tried the downloadable version before then perhaps this is the time to do so, with Lent approaching, a time for spiritual exercises. You can download the software from http://www.universalis.com/download.htm and it will work as a trial version until the end of March, which gives you plenty of time to decide whether you are likely to get into the habit.

The prayer request: my mother, Thérèse Kochanski, is seriously ill in hospital. Your prayers are asked for her, for her son and daughter, and for those who are caring for her.

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