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Downloadable version now available

You can now download Universalis onto your palmtop computer or your PC.

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20-Jun-2005 12:32

The downloadable version of Universalis contains the same Mass readings and Liturgy of the Hours as the version that you can read on the web site but you don't need to keep connecting to the Web to read it. It doesn't have the "one week ahead, one day back" limitation of the web version so you can read months ahead if you like.

This is especially good for users of palmtops (Palm or PocketPC) because it converts your palmtop into a pocket missal and breviary that you can take anywhere with you. Even if you're using AvantGo on your palmtop you may still want to switch to the downloadable Universalis because the layout is better, there's no restriction of date range, and you don't need to navigate past AvantGo's advertisements.

On PocketPC palmtops you can even include the feast of the day as one of the items on the Today screen.

The downloadable version of Universalis costs £30 (roughly $55 at current exchange rates). You can download it from http://www.universalis.com/download.htm and try it out free of charge. It'll work as a trial version that only lets you view pages for June and July 2005, and if you decide that you like the software then you can pay £30 to get a registration code that removes that limitation.

The existing Universalis service on the Web continues to be free and continues to have the same content it has always had.

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