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Universalis: e-book bug

A bug affects the generation of e-books by the Universalis program.

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27-Oct-2010 13:07

A bug has been reported in the e-book generator that is part of the Mac and Windows versions of the Universalis program.

This bug affects e-books only. It results in the same Mass readings being presented in the e-book day after day for an extended period. It is most noticeable if you ask the program to create an e-book for a whole year at once.

No other functions are affected, and in every other respect the Universalis program continues to function normally.

If you use the Universalis program to create e-books, please download the latest version of the program from http://www.universalis.com/n-mac.htm or http://www.universalis.com/n-windows.htm.

Sorry for the inconvenience; and our thanks to the user who reported this bug.

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