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Universalis news for November 2009

New updates for the downloadable version.

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3-Nov-2009 13:32

We have added the short responsories for Morning and Evening Prayer.

If you are reading Universalis on the web site, you will see these automatically.

If you are using Universalis on the iPhone or the iPod Touch then you will receive an automatic update through the iPhone App Store. This may take a week or so to arrive, because Apple has to check and approve the new version before it is released.

If you are using any of the other downloads, please go to http://www.universalis.com/n-download.htm and select the type of computer that you are using. The upgrade is free and your existing registration code will continue to work.


Matt Hawkins, a columnist at the Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper, has written an article about Universalis which you may find interesting. Here is the link: http://www.pittsburghcatholic.org/columnists_storys.php?id=1315.


The publication date of "The Snow Cow" is approaching. If you're interested, please visit the web site at http://thesnowcow.com. No, it isn't a spiritual work, it's a collection of ghost stories - but if G.K. Chesterton could write detective stories with a Catholic moral, why shouldn't the writer of so much of Universalis write ghost stories with a Catholic moral? If you really disapprove of the idea, please don't visit; but if you're intrigued, please do.


More copyright negotiations are under way. They're confidential, so we can't say exactly what they're about, but a much-requested expansion to Universalis should be the result. We hope that it will be ready before Christmas, but in any case you'll get another email announcement when it is available.

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