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Universalis news end-September 2009

Readings by email; and The Snow Cow.

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28-Sep-2009 12:45

From time to time, people have asked us if they could subscribe to a service that sent them readings by email. We have always kept clear of this, for various reasons, but now we have created such a service and are running it on a strictly experimental basis. Depending on how the experiment goes, we may make the service generally available or we may stop it.

At this stage, the readings-by-email service is available only to people who have already bought a Universalis registration code directly from us. This lets us keep the numbers down while we are seeing how it all works in practice. If you haven't already got a registration code, PLEASE DON'T BUY ONE just for the email service alone: if we make the service more generally available later on, or if we withdraw it, you'll feel hard done by.

To try this service, please go to http://www.universalis.com/n-emailnew.htm.


The other bit of Universalis news has nothing to do with the religious and spiritual content that you see on the web site, but it concerns Universalis Publishing Limited, so we hope you don't mind having it mentioned to you.

Universalis Publishing is publishing its first printed book!

"The Snow Cow: Ghost Stories for Skiers", by Martin Kochanski, comes out on 19 November 2009. Martin is the writer behind the translations of the Psalms and the commentaries on the saint of the day on the Universalis web site, so you have already read his work. As befits a work by a Catholic writer, most of the stories are about love and joy in one way or another, and there is no place for what is conventionally called "horror".

If you're in the UK, please try to order "The Snow Cow" from your local bookshop, because they need your support. Otherwise, wherever you are in the world, you can buy the book online from a number of sellers including Amazon. It's the perfect Christmas present for skiers and non-skiers alike.

If you're at all curious, please go to http://thesnowcow.com to have a look - it has a sample story as well as a link to a rather interesting blog.


Back to the "main" Universalis web site and downloads: we are negotiating about making some additional content available but, as usual, we're not saying anything until the negotiations are completed and the content is actually there.

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