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Universalis news end-July 2009

New American Bible; Amazon Kindle; Sony Reader

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27-Jul-2009 12:01

After months of proof-reading and negotiation, we are now able to provide the New American Bible version of the readings at Mass as an alternative to the Jerusalem Bible readings. For copyright reasons, we are not allowed to post these on the Web, but all the downloadable versions of Universalis now have them. To upgrade to the latest version, go to http://www.universalis.com/n-download.htm and select the type of computer that you are using. The upgrade is free and your existing registration code will continue to work.

If you are using Universalis on the iPhone or the iPod Touch then you should already have received your update automatically through the iPhone App Store.

People have been asking us about getting Universalis as an e-book for the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, and other e-book systems. We have now done this. We aren't supplying the e-books directly: rather, you use the Windows version of the Universalis download to create your own private e-book for whatever period you want. There are more details at http://www.universalis.com/n-ebooks.htm. You can see a sample e-book for Mobipocket and the Amazon Kindle at www.universalis.com/static/bin/uw2009-07-19.mobi and for ePub and the Sony Reader at www.universalis.com/static/bin/uw2009-07-19.epub.

The printed book project I mentioned in the last newsletter is still on its way: more information soon.

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