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Universalis news for July 2009

Little Hours; Catholic Calendar; new prices; future news.

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3-Jul-2009 11:37

The daytime hours of Terce (mid-morning), Sext (midday) and None (afternoon) are now on the Universalis web site. They are also known as the "Little Hours" because they are short - perfect, in fact, for a coffee break, a lunch break, or a tea break.

These hours are also included in the latest updates to the downloadable versions of Universalis for Windows, Windows Mobile, Palm, or Mac. To get them, please visit http://www.universalis.com/n-download.htm and download and install the appropriate software for your machine. Your existing registration code will continue to work, and you should not even need to re-enter it.

Users of the iPhone and the iPod Touch: your current version includes an abbreviated form of the Little Hours. The full version will appear in the next update, which you will receive automatically, free, from Apple, probably in a couple of weeks' time.


If you just want to download a Catholic Calendar, with feasts and celebrations for every year and notes about the saint of the day, you can have it free of charge. Simply start at http://www.universalis.com/n-download.htm, download the standard Universalis software, and don't buy a registration code for it. (For iPhone / iPod Touch, things are different: you should download the separate Catholic Calendar application, which is free).


On the subject of prices: sales have boomed as a result of the iPhone, so we've cut all our prices. The prices for buying the downloads directly from us are now £19.99, which is about $33 or €23. The iTunes prices are a little less - £14.99 / $24.99 / €19.99 - and if you buy the iPhone / iPod Touch version of Universalis then you won't need to pay again for the downloads for other systems.

But of course you are under no obligation to buy - the free service continues just as it has done since 1996.


I don't like to announce future events before they happen, but one interesting further development in Universalis is now in the final stages of negotiation, so I hope that the next newsletter will be able to tell you about it. And Universalis Publishing Limited is planning to publish its first book: again, there will be more news about this soon.

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