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Universalis news for April 2009

A bug has been corrected that affected the display of Vespers in Eastertide.

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23-Apr-2009 11:19

There was a bug in Universalis that meant that on eleven days in Eastertide, Vespers (Evening Prayer) was lacking its third psalm - strictly speaking, a canticle.

This bug has now been corrected. If you are viewing Universalis directly on the Web or via AvantGo or WAP, there is nothing you need to do: the correction is automatic.

If you are using the downloadable version of Universalis for Windows, Windows Mobile, Palm, or Mac, then please visit http://www.universalis.com/n-download.htm and download and install the appropriate software for your machine. Your existing registration code will continue to work, and you should not even need to re-enter it.

Users of the iPhone and the iPod Touch: please wait. We have submitted the correction to Apple and as soon as they have accepted it you will be notified automatically and given the opportunity to install the updated software.

Sorry about all this, and happy Easter!

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