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Universalis news for November 2008

Updated Mass readings, and more liturgical calendars.

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2-Nov-2008 15:50

The Mass readings in Universalis have now been thoroughly revised and should match exactly what you hear in church (except for the USA and Canada, where the Jerusalem Bible translation is not used). In addition, on days when there are various alternative readings, all the alternatives are shown (except for All Souls' Day, which has too many). The Responsorial Psalm isn't currently included, for copyright reasons: thank you all for your recent feedback on this in the blog.

In addition, the range of liturgical calendars available now includes Wales, Ireland and Malta. The local feast days are identified and there are brief biographies of the saints of the day.

If you're using Universalis on the Web or through AvantGo, you don't need to do anything.

If you're using Universalis on Windows, the Mac, PalmOS or Windows Mobile, you can download the new version from http://www.universalis.com/n-download.htm. Just click on the appropriate "Installation" link at the bottom of the page. You won't need to re-enter your registration code.

If you're using Universalis on the iPhone or iPod Touch, please wait: the update has been submitted to Apple and you will automatically be notified by Apple when it has been approved and is available for you to download.

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