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Universalis news for June 2007

News for users of the standalone (downloaded) version.

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6-Jun-2007 17:16

If you use the Office of Readings then you may want to download Universalis again from http://www.universalis.com/n-download.htm (and install it after downloading) because there are now more Second Readings in the database and so you won't get the "sorry, missing Second Reading" message until mid-August (and only for a few days, even then). Your existing registration code will continue to work and you won't need to re-enter it.

If you have been running the downloaded Universalis as a trial version (without a registration code) then you may have found the trial running out too early (at the end of May, in some cases). This was a bug in the Microsoft Windows / Windows Mobile / Pocket PC versions, and it has now been corrected, so if you download from http://www.universalis.com/n-download.htm and install again now, your trial will last until the end of July. Sorry about this.

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