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Universalis news for May 2007

How to view the new calendar for England and Wales

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15-May-2007 09:10

The bishops of England and Wales have promulgated a new calendar in which feasts of the Lord such as the Ascension and Corpus Christi are not celebrated on their proper days but on the following Sunday. Although its opponents deride this as "the Tesco calendar", the Vatican does in fact permit local bishops to request permission to make this change.

If you don't specify anything, Universalis uses the General Calendar, which puts the Ascension and Corpus Christi on Thursdays (these are public holidays in many countries, both Catholic and Protestant).

If you click on the "Local Calendars" link near the top of any Universalis page, you will be able to choose any calendar you like. Choosing any of the UK calendars will give you the Ascension on Sunday.

(For American readers: your choice is between the religious calendar at "United States" and the commercial calendar at "United States - Ascension on Sunday".)

Once you have selected a local calendar, your selection remains valid only for your current session. To make the change permanent you will have to change the address that you use when visiting Universalis: for example, instead of http://www.universalis.com you might use http://www.universalis.com/England/. You can see what the address should be by looking at the address bar on your browser.

If you are using Universalis on AvantGo, you can change the calendar by tapping on the "Calendar Used" link at the bottom of the main calendar page. Once you have made your choice AvantGo will remember it - in theory for ever, but in practice it forgets it randomly every few months and you will have to set the calendar again.

If you are using the downloadable (standalone) Universalis on your palmtop or PC, tap on the big downward-pointing arrow at the top left-hand corner and select "Calendars" from the list that appears. Your choice will be remembered permanently.

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