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Universalis news for January 2007

Fuller prayers and a change to the way the trial version works

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26-Jan-2007 16:37

If you do Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer on the Web, then you will not have seen the apologetic message saying "A concluding prayer may follow here" for a while, and you may also have noticed that there are now prayers and intercessions before the Our Father. I hope that these changes are here to stay, but this depends (as always) on the pace of translation keeping up with the calendar. The signs are good, though.

A new release of the stand-alone Universalis (the one that works on your palmtop or your PC without requiring a Web connection) is now available at the download page:


This includes the additional prayers. If you are already using the stand-alone version, download it again and install it on top of your existing copy: you shouldn't need to re-enter your registration code.

If you haven't tried the stand-alone version before, remember that you can get a free trial simply by going to the download page and installing it from there. The trial period covers the month when you install the trial version, and the month after that. Thus you always get at least 30 days to try it out before you need to buy a registration code.

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