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Universalis news for August 2006

Canada and New Zealand added; apologies for missing Second Readings.

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8-Aug-2006 20:58

Thanks to help from our readers, Universalis now has an up-to-date calendar for New Zealand and (at long last) a calendar for Canada. To select a local calendar, click on "Local calendars" in the second line of the heading of any of the Universalis pages.

If you are using one of the downloadable versions of Universalis, for Palm, Windows or Pocket PC, you can download a new copy with the calendar improvements: go to http://www.universalis.com/n-download.htm and follow the appropriate links. Your existing registration code will continue to work.

Throughout 2006 we have managed to keep to our resolution to complete the Second Readings as the year progresses. If you were looking at the Office of Readings on Thursday 3 August you will have seen that this resolution has been broken. Sorry about this. There will be three or four more missing Second Readings in August, but normal service will resume in September.

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