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Universalis banners

Instructions for creating Universalis banners that you can use in your web site or blog. The banners automatically show the current day's feast.

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4-Apr-2005 10:04

About Pope John Paul II: one of my correspondents (and a keen Universalis error-checker) said of Saturday's news, "What a delight for John Paul!". That surely is the right attitude. There is no need to mourn for him; and if we mourn for ourselves (as is understandable) then the remedy lies in our own hands: to live like him, with simple straightforward dedication.

As another friend told me yesterday, after the requiem Mass at Westminster Cathedral, "I try to pray for him but I keep finding myself praying to him instead".

In response to another questioner - the liturgy you'll see in Universalis will be just as usual: as far as I know this is the correct approach, since time and the calendar continue to flow.

Now banners. You can now include a Universalis banner in your web site or blog. It's 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high (this seems to be a fairly standard size for banners) and it shows the feast of the day - so at the moment it's showing the Annunciation.

You can see a typical banner at http://www.universalis.com/banner.gif, and you can find instructions for incorporating a banner into your site at http://www.universalis.com/ubanners.htm.

If you have any questions or need help then you can use the response form at http://www.universalis.com/email.htm.

Alternatively you can use the new forum system:
1. Register yourself as a user of the Universalis forum system at http://forums.universalis.com/UNIV
2. View this message (the message you are reading now) in that forum.
3. Add a reply to it.

That way everyone will see your question and be able to benefit from any responses.

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