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Universalis news for May 2006

Mass readings on mobile phones; RSS feeds; readings by email; the new blog.

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8-May-2006 23:14

You can now view Mass readings from Universalis on your mobile phone. http://www.universalis.com/n-wap.htm gives you more information and the links that you need.

Web feeds (often called RSS feeds) are a growing part of the Internet. They provide content in a machine-readable form that people can incorporate into their own home pages or combine into a customised "news feed" of their own. Universalis now provides some feeds. http://www.universalis.com/n-feed.htm tells you about the feeds and how to use them. If you want to comment on the feeds or their contents, please add comments to the blog entry at http://tinyurl.com/huhm4.

As a result of the feed mechanism it is now possible to receive Mass readings by email each day. http://www.universalis.com/n-email.htm explains how to do it.

A new blog at http://universalis.wordpress.com contains articles about Universalis and other matters. Have a look at it, read it if you want, add comments if you like.

Thank you for your prayers and messages of support for my mother. She did not die. She is now home from hospital but still very, very weak, so please keep up the prayers!

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